I want to share a little of myself.

I have had Anxiety since I was 5, so that makes it umm…35 years…

I wish this on no one. I am only sharing, to perhaps help others. THERE IS NO SHAME – ONLY A LIFE TO GAIN.

Anxiety is very different to other mental illnesses, like depression and OCD. Although… they are all related.

It is an overwhelming paralysing feeling of dread, panic and terror – being unable to breath, a total sense of being out of control of your feelings. The list goes on…for the smallest of reasons…which all seem like very big reasons in the panicked moment. You cannot be reasoned with. All you need is a shoulder to cry on, and validation of your feelings, oh and a big nap…and as unreasonable as your thoughts are to a normal person, they are very real to you.

The smallest of every day things are all consuming. Getting ready for school or work, the drive to school or work, a night out with friends, and even a family BBQ can bring panic and even a loss of control of your mind and body.

Anxiety can be a life long affliction.

I actually now, really like me. I am me. I am happy being me. And I am glad I have lived the life I have lived, as I have been forced to get to know me, to know what makes me tick, to learn what makes me happy, and to learn what I need to do to make those things possible. I have come out the other side, and am now the happiest I have ever been in my entire life!

People with mental health conditions are often told you are not your Depression, or Anxiety, Or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder… BUT, the day I realised I WAS, was the day I started to like myself. I am sal, and sal is sal, but sal also has anxiety – and that is a big part of who she is. Even though I am in the absolute best place I have ever been, it still affects my daily life – and was the main reason I started my own business Working myself up every single day just to go to work got too much…BUT I love Neatspiration with all my heart, and am the happiest I have ever been.

There have been grey days in a false sunny life. But by painting on that smile every day, made me realise that, that happiness is the real me, and even in anxiety, rainbows shine.

If you, your friend, partner, and ESPECIALLY YOUR CHILD are showing any signs of anxiety or any other affliction. Please get them help. My mum did not stop till she was able to help me. Look at me!!! I am now totally normal…lol

Anxiety and Depressions are NOT figments of the imagination – they are a chemical imbalance in the brain and need to be treated with medication. I am a big advocate and believer in medication.

Alternative therapies may help, but cannot balance the brains chemicals, and should only be used in conjunction with.

Please please please consult your Dr if you think you could be suffering from a physical ailment, anxiety or depression.

Crazy is as crazy does…lol…so have a great day!!!!

There is NO SHAME only a life to GAIN!!!

sal xx


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