Academy: Quality, Simplicity, Functionality

Academy: Quality, Simplicity, Functionality


Environmentally friendly products, because cleaning shouldn’t have to cost the earth.

Quality, simplicity, functionality.

Academy strives for these characteristics with each product.

Taking it back to simpler times, Academy focus on creating products that are not “old fashioned”, but products that remain the most effective and environmentally friendly.

Academy: Quality, Simplicity, Functionality


Academy products can stand the test of time. They’re made to last, designed to be used again and again. Forget the single use cleaning products that you have to constantly replace. Academy create products with attention to detail in construction and finish, tested for durability, comfort and function.


No fuss. Simple, effective cleaning products. While we’ve come a long way with advances in technology, some things don’t need to change. If the Academy products are seen by your parents, I’m sure they’ll happily tell you about the good old days when things were simple. A conversation starter, a trigger for fond memories, a reminder of simpler times.


Academy keep it simple, because it works. It’s not just the antique aesthetic, it’s the functionality. They choose to produce their products with natural materials because it remains the most effective. Why change a good thing?

Academy: Quality, Simplicity, Functionality

Environmentally friendly

I don’t need to remind you how bad plastic is for the environment, our marine life, our future generations… feeling guilty yet? With Academy products, there’s no guilt. Their products are all natural, made from wood and natural bristles.

When it eventually needs replacing, rather than throw it in landfill, you can bury it in the garden, or compost it! It will just decay back to the earth and re-join the circle of life, and you can walk away happily with a warm fuzzy feeling knowing you’ve done your part to help the earth. It’s win-win!

eco friendly cleaning products


Browse our range of Academy products:

Dickens Carpet Beater

To use simply hang your rug over a rail or clothes line and beat the dust out.

Dickens Dish Wash Brush

Allow the brush to dry thoroughly between use.

Dickens Kitchen Scrubbing Brush

Made from Beechwood/Natural Bristle. All Natural.

Dickens Pot Scrub Brush

All Natural - Wood and natural bristles!

Dickens Wool Duster

Crafted from high quality sustainable wool and beech wood.

Ostrich Feather Duster

Crafted from high quality sustainable ostrich feathers and beech wood.

Academy: Quality, Simplicity, Functionality


The structural character of an ostrich feather is likened to tiny “fingers” that naturally attract and catch dust, they also provide an efficient and gentle clean leaving delicate items and displays totally undisturbed.

There are two elements to the feather: the feather plume itself, and the quill.

If you look closely at the plume you will see tiny hairs, or barbs, that when swiped over an object become charged with static electricity. This helps the dust particles to stick to the feather and hold it till shaken free, unlike other feather dusters that just move the dust around.

The quill is the real secret behind the value of an ostrich feather for dusting. It is long, and flexible, which permits the cleaner to reach into tight spots, and to dust around delicate objects without handling them. There is simply no other product that offers this advantage.

You’ll find specific care instructions for each product on the above product pages.

Academy was established in Melbourne in 2015. Visit their website for more information. 

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