9 ways to stop colds from spreading!

9 ways to stop colds from spreading!

9 ways to stop colds from spreading! appeared first on Neatspiration

Matthew had a cold the other day, and wanted to know how he got it.

I tried to explain that we can get colds from touching other peoples cold germs – and then touch our nose or mouth before we get a chance to wash our hands, or if they sneeze or cough on us.

Then…I thought it was a good idea to show him a video of someone sneezing in slow motion, and ummm…that was a bit of a mistake as it totally freaked him out!! He ran away screaming Noooooooo!!! I will never sneeze again!!!

Apart from all the normal things like washing your hands, catching your coughs, and disposing of used tissues…there are a few areas in your home that love germs, that we often forget about.

Here are my 9 Tips to tackle those forgotten sneezed on areas. It takes 8-9 hours for cold and flu germs to die on surfaces, so these tips will help reduce the spread.

And if you want to scare your kids…I have posted the video at the bottom…

Tip 1 - Door Handles

Tip 2 - Light Switches

Tip 3 - Taps

Tip 4 - Devices

Tip 5 - Toothbrushes

Tip 6 - Remotes

Tip 7 - Surfaces

Tip 8 - Linen

Tip 9 - Air

I hope this helps and you can get Diffusers and Essential Oils here!

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