9 Things You Can Do Every day to Make Your Life Easier

9 Things You Can Do Every day to Make Your Life Easier

9 Things You Can Do Every day to Make Your Life Easier appeared first on Neatspiration

It’s easy to be swept up in the routine of life and forget about day to day duties we should be doing to make our lives a little easier in the long run. These things don’t take much time or effort, but will benefit you greatly!

1. Make your bed

As tempting as it may be to jump out of bed and not look back, making your bed in the morning sets a productive theme for the day. You’ll feel better throughout the day, and will be glad to come home to a neat bed. If you’re really in a rush, pull the doona up and at least make it appear tidy.

2. Empty the dishwasher/drainer in the morning

Doing this in the morning means that by the time dinner comes around, you won’t have to catch up on the cleaning from other meals, and the dishes won’t have to stack up in the sink throughout the day, because there will be space for them in the dishwasher/drainer you have emptied!

3. Make the most of your time

Don’t procrastinate. If you tackle something while it’s small, it won’t take much time, but if you ignore it and let the mess build, as will your stress, and your motivation to clean will decline.

4. Use baskets or shelves to organise things

It will make things easier to find if they’re separated and organised in baskets or shelves. Make sure you always return things to their place after you’ve used them so that they’re there ready to use next time.

5. Put away your clothes from the day

After a long day, it’s easy to just undress and leave your clothes lying on the floor but you will thank yourself later if you hang them back up, fold them, or put them in the dirty clothes hamper- whatever action is needed. If you leave them on the floor, it’s likely that the pile you’ve started will build, and you won’t want to clean the mammoth mess you’ve created.

Making life easier

6. Do a load of laundry everyday (or on a regular schedule)

Depending on your household, you may have enough laundry to do a load every day, but because of time constraints through the week, wait until the weekend to do it all together. You should start doing laundry more frequently, and on a regular schedule, if you want to make the most of your time.

7. Clean as you go

Even if that’s something as simple as rinsing a chopping board or wiping the bench while dinner is cooking, to get on top of everything and not let it overwhelm you, clean as you go. It’s the best way to do it, otherwise it piles up, becomes overwhelming and seems like an impossible task.

8. Don’t go to bed with a dirty kitchen

Rather than sneaking off and hopping into bed after dinner, it’s best to tackle the dirty dishes piled up in the kitchen sink. The longer you leave them, the harder they will be to clean, and the higher the chance of attracting unwanted pests. Give yourself the opportunity to start the morning fresh the next day by cleaning the kitchen before you drift off to sleep.

9. Plan ahead

Whether that’s planning an outfit or a meal, planning ahead saves time and means that there isn’t a last minute rush which will lead to you throwing clothes around your bedroom or items out of your pantry. Save yourself the stress and plan ahead wherever you can.

If you take these little steps every day, you’ll have more time to yourself to enjoy life rather than be weighed down by piles of building mess. This means less stress for you and that’s always a good thing!

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