8 Steps to make your home look tidy in 5 minutes!

8 Steps to make your home look tidy in 5 minutes!

8 Steps to make your home look tidy in 5 minutes! appeared first on Neatspiration

Friends should accept you and your homes as you are. But sometimes, you get a call that sends shivers down your spine – AND…it is always when the place is a pigsty – like from your boss or an unaccepting family member, who needs to pop in…

Ok, I can’t promise your home will be tidy in 5 minutes…but you will be able to make it look tidy!

So here goes!

Grab the laundry basket and then shut the laundry door…there is a good chance it is not looking its best.

Run from room to room, chucking all clutter in the laundry basket, and then…ummm…quick, run back to the laundry and dump it there.

If the bedrooms are messy, shut the doors.

Grab your cleaning spray and a heap of cloths and give surfaces a quick wipe over.

Now make a mad dash to the bathroom…your visitors will have to go to the toilet, so give it a quick wipe over.

Head into the kitchen, and there are two ways you can fool anyone here…Either clear a space under the kitchen sink and hide all the dishes, lol ;), or, fill the sink and chuck everything in…you know…you were just in the middle of the dishes when they arrived

Grab your favourite Air Freshener or Lemon Oil and give the house a quick spray. Smelling clean is half the battle.

Done!! And if you still have spare time…you can go back at finish the dishes…

And the best part about it, is this is a great motivator to go back to all your hidey holes and tidy them up properly!

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