Australian Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

Neatspiration exists for one purpose: to bring our Australian community the best of the eco-friendly cleaning world. Offering brands that have been tried and tested by our team, we know that each one of our brands is:

  • Good for you and the environment
  • Free from harsh chemicals
  • Just as effective as mainstream brands

Why are we so dedicated to sourcing and offering effective, and high-quality alternatives? Because we've been where you are. We're dedicated Mums, parents, friends, and family members who value having a well-kept, fresh home and want to achieve this without the chemical side effects or residue. Believing that our world will be better for future generations if and when we all have access to great environmentally friendly alternatives, we continually search for, test, and deliver the items, guides, and information needed to help us get there.

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Read on to learn more about the system behind our item selection process and how it helps to safeguard the solutions you bring into your home.

The Best Natural Cleaning Products on the Market

Having once used chemically-derived solutions to clean our homes, the Neatspiration team learned the hard way what it was like to experience the side effects of unnatural formulas and ingredients. Because of our own errors, we have developed a strict list of what we accept, and don’t, in our formulas, and always test them in our own homes before we recommend them and offer them to our online community.

Among the earth-friendly benefits we look for in brands, our range of over 400 products includes items that are:

- Greywater, septic tank-safe

- Biodegradable

- Recycled, waste-free

- Free from harsh chemicals or, where possible, 100% naturally derived

- Skin-safe, with some formulas great solutions for allergies or sensitive skin

What started as a small pipe dream with just one product (Lemon Oil!) has grown into our current community of earth-friendly cleaners, homemakers, and eco-friendly warriors who know that it’s important to shop in line with your values. Because of this, our collection has expanded to include bathroom products, fabric fresheners, accessories, and more.

Wanting to be a one-stop shop for all of your everyday household needs, Neatspiration is continually growing, searching, educating, and arming our customers with the best brands that will keep their homes healthy and fresh.

Organic Cleaning Product Alternatives

If you have questions about swapping over your everyday items to earth-safe alternatives, feel free to check out our blog for more information. Always giving our community the information needed to navigate the world of eco-friendly alternatives, we’re on a mission to give you the know-how and products needed to get the job done.

For those ready to jump in, we offer a Neatspiration Rewards Program that helps you earn points toward shopping discounts and referral programs. Ready to make living in line with your values a little easier? Welcome to our clean, green team.


Turn your reality into a NEATSPIRATION!

Neatspiration believes in products that are simple to use, actually work, won’t damage our surfaces, are safe for the earth and ourselves, are beautifully made and designed, are durable and stand the test of time.

If you believe this too…you might like to know that we also just happen to sell great household cleaning products!

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